Fundraiser for General Purpose Room in Boherbue NS

In November 2019 there was great jubilation when Boherbue NS was granted funding from the Department of Education for Additional Accommodation in the school. This comprised of a New classroom, Two SEN rooms, a Disabled toilet and storage area. An application was also made for a General Purpose Room but funding was not granted.

This news was disappointing because the school doesn’t have a communal hall where the whole school can gather for activities including PE, Assembly, Drama, Music and Dance. Following discussions with the Principal and staff, the Board of Management realised there was a real need for a General Purpose Room in the school and decided to commence plans to fund the GP room through a Fundraising initiative. 

The planned extension to the school will be the first building works to be carried out in Boherbue NS since 1970 when a new section of the school was opened. The extension in 1970 was built when Glash, Drominarigle and Doon schools closed and amalgamated with Boherbue NS. Now fifty years later another extension is needed to accommodate the increased school population.

While everyone in Boherbue NS is delighted to receive funding from the Department of Education for the Additional Accommodation, we also realise more was needed to build a General Purpose Room and to give the pupils the opportunity to engage with a variety of curricular activities that cannot always take place outdoor. 

The funds raised in this raffle will be used to fund the General Purpose Room, extend the playground and upgrade the field to include a health promoting walkway, sensory garden and skills wall.

We hope that with everyone’s support that we can make our dream a reality.

Marie Casey